Animal Models Core

Contact Information

  • Kathy Krentz

Room 3124
Biotechnology Center
425 Henry Mall Madison WI 53706


Submission Forms:

Animal Models Submission Form (Not CRISPR)

GEAM Submission Form (CRISPR)

The Animal Models Core provides support for the generation of novel animal (mice, rats and swine) models using CRISPR or transgenic technology, cryopreservation, rederivation, and IVF recovery of rodent animal models. A full suite of services is available and not limited to:

  • Generation of mouse, rat or swine CRISPR/Cas9 models
  • Cryopreservation of mouse and rat embryos and sperm
  • Rederivation of rodent animal models from off-campus sources
  • Global importation of rodent models from international repositories
  • Generation of transgenic and ES cell targeted models
  • Reproductive assistance of rodent animals (breeding consultation, ovarian transplants, sperm analysis, fertility assessment)

The UWBC Animal Models Core accepts projects from all UW-Madison departments, the University of Wisconsin System, academic institutions in the US, and commercial/industry clients. Let us know how we can help you!